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A Shattered World

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A Shattered World

Post by ASW Admin on Tue Nov 11, 2014 9:42 am

For years, the world lived in comfortable peace, but that peace was soon shattered beyond repair. An earthquake hit, creating more destruction than ever, and stretching across the earth. It is assumed it was caused by global warming, which is why the whole world was affected. But as if that weren't enough, a disease has spread throughout the whole earth, highly contagious and spreading throughout humans. Those who somehow managed to survive both the earthquake and disease are lost in the unknown, running and praying they won't catch this deadly, cosmopolitan virus. And as only animals remain safe, their pets' worlds are thrown into utter chaos without them.

Now without their owners, they are completely on their own without food, water, or shelter readily provided as before, being forced to learn to hunt, fight, and protect themselves from the dangers of the cold, abandoned world outside their comfy life without training or warning. Former house pets are left to survive with the hungry, wild animals who are every bit as eager to survive, even if that means resorting to cannibalism simply for food. With other canines moving into the town from the woods, they have to either learn to get along with their cousins and fellow canines, or follow the rule of eat or be eaten.

With only crumbling or torn down buildings, overturned cars, and sheer rubble as homes and protection, and very little food and drinkable water to be found, canines fight for the land, dominance, and their lives.

Can you survive and help them recover the broken pieces?
ASW Admin

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