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Season: Autumn
Time: 5 PM [17:00]
Weather: Humid and misty. Occasionally sun.
Temperature: 15°C [59 °F]
Mating Season: No
Birthing Season: No

Black Earth - Wolf RPG [LB]

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Black Earth - Wolf RPG [LB]

Post by BE Mod on Thu Jan 01, 2015 3:22 pm

Long ago the humans fought, forever at war. Poisonous bombs carved caverns and craters into the ground, leaving destruction in its path. Fire ravaged the earth, making it inhabitable to the people who lived in it. Those who were soars from the war perished in the flames, leaving the earth in ruins after them. As for the wild animals; they survived. Rebuilding after the humans curse was very difficult, but over much time the earth was green again. But these animals, exposed to radiation passed the hazardous DNA through the generations, but strangely only the wolves inherited this trait. Odd and unnatural colors erupted from their fur. Now the remaining wolves reign. But hidden away from the prying eyes of others lay the Elder Tree, with the power to grant unto the wolves abilities like no other. For many years, only a select few, if any knew of this tree. But now its whereabouts and amazing powers are becoming known. Will this all new, mutated generation of wolves be able to survive on their own?
BE Mod

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