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Season: Autumn
Time: 5 PM [17:00]
Weather: Humid and misty. Occasionally sun.
Temperature: 15°C [59 °F]
Mating Season: No
Birthing Season: No

Lhouraii - Lil' Miss Depressive

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Lhouraii - Lil' Miss Depressive

Post by Yoru on Fri Jan 23, 2015 12:23 pm

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Name: Lhouraii (Lho-ra-ya)
Nickname: Lhou, Raii (Ra-ya)
Gender: Female (♀)
Age: 2 years
SO: Bisexual (♂/♀)
Rank: Healer
Species: 60% Hudson Bay wolf x 40% Alaskan tundra wolf
Origin: Unknown


Build: Lhouraii has a rather ‘normal’ build; her body build is that of the average female, smaller than the average male but not so small that she looks slender and agile. Her ears are a bit round and her tail is a bit longer, hanging only a few inches above the ground. Her legs are a bit taller than average, but not too much. Her muzzle isn’t considered long/pointy, though. Beneath her average body build hide some muscles which make her look slightly bigger than she actually is.

Appearance: She has a rather thick fluffy coat covering her body, her fur a cream color, with streaks of white and light brown going through it. The white color is more visible on her chest, belly, legs and the lower side of her tail, while the light brown is more visible on her back and on the upper side of her head and her ears. Some splashes of white appear around her muzzle as well, and a few small hints of grey are on her back, splattered across the upper side of her body. Lhouraii’s eyes are rather odd; they’re a dull blue color, this due the slight layer of grew going over it. There are no other hints of colors going through it, only that one steel blue color.

Specialties: The odd color of Lhouraii’s dull eyes might let others think she’s blind, but in fact Lhouraii isn’t blind; she can see just as great as anyone else. As for her coat, the different mixes of white, cream, light brown and grey make it appear like her coat’s a bit dirty, but Lhouraii always cleans her coat with great care.


Outer Personality: ‘’…Don’t always trust the outside…’’
» Caring and cheerful >> Lhouraii’s kind and caring to those in need of help, but actually to everyone in general. Need a good friendly conversation, you can talk to her, need some help with something, you can ask her. She will give you advice and help you through many things, often mothering you slightly. She always has a smile on her face, the happy expression never disappears until she ends up on her own, all alone. She’s a kind and lovely soul, taking care of others and standing up for those who are in trouble or danger; she isn’t afraid to stand up for the weaker ones, or those who are afraid.

» Adaptable and persistent >> Lhouraii is great at adapting herself to almost every kind of situation. Whenever she gets ordered around by an Alpha, she can easily switch in her mind whenever she has to order around a wolf lower in rank than herself. She takes orders well and tries to make everything look better, feel better. She’s also great at adapting to different types of climates. She has a rather thick coat but that doesn’t stop her if she has to go through warmer climates; Lhouraii will always find a way because she’s rather persistent. This female will never give up because she shows the will to survive.

» Precise and Debonair >> She’s also very precise; Lhouraii doesn’t like mistakes, at least not mistakes made by herself. She wants to do everything perfect, and will bring herself down when she makes mistakes. But when others around her make mistakes she will encourage them to try again, and tell them they will get better. She likes things organized, and will often store plants she finds on her way in a special place, in order, so she won’t forget which one if which, and how much of those plants she still has left.

» Curious and creative >> This female is a very curious being; she knows a lot about things, but she’s not afraid to want to learn more about almost any subject. She’s always willing to learn more, and will often ask various things and try to remember them. Whenever no one is willing to answer her or help her out, however, Lhouraii will try to find an answer herself and get creative, mixing different plants and flowers till she gets the medicine she needs. She’s still learning to be a good healer, so she might often experiment plants and stuff on herself to get the right formula.

» Adventurous and playful >> Whenever she’s around pups Lhouraii will be very playful. Whenever a pup asks her to play a game with them, Lhouraii will not refuse, and tag along great in the game, mostly thinking up the games herself. She’s very active and adventurous around younger wolves, but will still keep the pups near the den while going on adventurous strolls with the yearlings, since those youngsters know more about the world’s dangers and have more experience than the youngsters below one year of age. When around others Lhouraii might keep on babbling and giggling, while being on her own she might be completely silent.

» Trustworthy and loyal >> Lhouraii is a very loyal wolf; she will follow every order given to her and she will try to fulfill them precisely, pleasing those higher in rank AND the ones lower in rank than herself. She would never speak bad about her Alphas or anyone else in the pack, as she's not a cold hearted female when it comes to words. Lhouraii is also really trustworthy; you can tell her a secret and she won't spill the beans and tell anyone about it. Got a secret no one can know? She will keep her mouth shut and even lie if it's really necessary for the secret to stay alive. If only the Alpha can know and Lhouraii 'accidentally' eavesdrops, she will still keep the secret, unless it's something bad the others should truly know about.

True/inner Personality: ‘’…Sometimes hidden is better…’’

» Silent and thoughtful >> But even though Lhouraii is almost always happy and cheerful and rather active and playful, she can sometimes stay away from others. Staring off into space she can come off as thinking, mocking about things which bother her, which is weird considering her happy outbursts. She will lay alone somewhere and stare with hollow eyes, like she's observing. But speak to her and she will go back to being her cheerful self once you grab her attention again. it’s like she’s a completely different wolf whenever she’s acting like this, like two different minds in one body, two different souls. It can sometimes come off as aloof, and maybe the true Lhouraii is a bit aloof…

» Arrogant and bitchy >> Lhouraii never shows it to anyone, but deep down inside she’s arrogant and bitchy, being mean to others in her thoughts and thinking negative things about them. She never speaks her mind about others thoughts, smiling her fake smile and pretending nothing is wrong. But inside her mind she’s cocky and she thinks high of herself. Yes, she can tell anyone she’s still learning to use plants as medicines, but she herself thinks she masters all the needed skills, and whenever someone tells her to do better she will tell them she will try, but she won’t think too high of this wolf.

» Pessimistic and depressed >> Lhouraii isn’t happy at all, she isn’t the happy and cheerful wolf you know. This female is actually horribly depressed, and deep pessimistic; she doesn’t like anyone, even though she doesn’t act like it, and she hates life and the world in general; whether you are a nice wolf or an arrogant wolf just like herself, she just won’t like you. She always acted happy, even in times of darkness and pain, but while acting cheerful made others feel better during these hard times, it made Lhouraii even more gloomy. She got sucked in by the hollowness and darkness, and never even thought of trying to crawl back out of that deep empty hole. Everything in his eyes is something negative; she can tell someone they look beautiful, but in her mind she can be jealous and think negative about this wolf, thinking they’re ugly or not worth living. A very sad fate for Lhouraii, who once could have had a bright and happy future.

» Possessive and selfish >> This female is quite possessive and selfish; whenever she finds a stick or something else to chew on or play with, she will keep it for herself. No one can touch her stuff, no one; not even co-Healers who need some of her plants for their own supplies because they need to threat another wolf. No. Lhouraii’s stuff is hers and hers only. And when someone tries to take it from her she might act a bit gloomy at first and shove the object closer to her. But if those around her get more pushy over her belongings, she will snap and probably lash out for only a second, growling at them. This is the only moment when she acts ‘aggressive’, and it’s the only moment you will see a glimpse of the true Lhouraii. Her possessiveness and selfishness don’t make her want to share her stuff with anyone.

Past: WIP

Skills and interests

Interests and fears/habits:
» Likes >> Being on her own, having her own belongings, sleeping, resting, sunbathing, strolling, swimming, thinking, eating, cold weather, afternoons.

» Dislikes >> Being around others, others in general, the world, being busy all day, very hot weather, lack of sleep, early mornings, late evening, smiling, talking, playing, pups, yearlings, adults, wolves higher in rank, wolves lower in rank; all kinds of wolves.

Strengths and weaknesses:
» Strength >> ●●●○○ (average)
» Stamina >> ●●○○○ (weak)
» Speed >> ●●●○○ (average)
» Intelligence >> ●●●●○ (strong)


Parents: Finn (♂), Misha (♀)
Siblings: Ken (♂), Lola (♀), Lucas (♂)
Uncles: Jaro and Melias (father's older brothers), Kass (mother's younger brother)
Aunts: Brinn and Lidia (mother's older sisters)
Cousins: x (unknown to her)

Mate: x (probably never)
Crush: x (probably never)
Pups: x (probably never)


Scent: Lhouraii smells like fresh pine trees' needles and roses.

Voice: Whenever she's acting happy her voice is as sweet as honey, soft and caring. Whenever Lhouraii gets frustrated and angry the honey in her voice will change into a sharp edge which can sound rather ringing to other's ears.

Theme song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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