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Season: Autumn
Time: 5 PM [17:00]
Weather: Humid and misty. Occasionally sun.
Temperature: 15°C [59 °F]
Mating Season: No
Birthing Season: No

Mistglade Forest

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Mistglade Forest

Post by Lord Jasper on Thu May 07, 2015 4:39 pm

We are Mistglade Forest, a fantasy roleplay based on four warring species of supernatural within a foggy forest. The forest borders a town, Rosewood Terrace, but things are also not what they may seem in the odd village.  The humans have greenish tints to their skin, and pale-faced mysteries roam the streets at night.

Join Jasper of the Vampires, Ali of the Werewolves, or rise to power as a Witch, Faerie, or Human.
(Accepting new Members, Ranks are first-come-first-serve)
Hope to see you there!
Lord Jasper

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