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Looong EfA, stuff...

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Looong EfA, stuff...

Post by Yoru on Sun May 10, 2015 9:57 pm

Okay so I have told only one person on this site about this yet, at least, the whole picture. You know who you are.
For the others who don't, this is gonna be a long story...

Due to a lot of shit and arguments with friends, me messing up at my job and everything else, I fell into a depression and started harming myself. Once it's in your genes and you start doing it, you see no return... But the personal problems go even on.

A while ago my father finally told me that we are broke and that we can't afford our house anymore. We have yet enough money to stay here till the end of May, which isn't long. And I told them they could use my money but they refused...
We put our house on sale yesterday, after I heard the bad news... So now's the plan (I love my family so much!) that we can temporarily stay at my aunt's and uncle's place. We will try to let their dogs and our dog get along so they can live under the same roof and so that our dog doesn't have to be given away or put down, but I doubt we'll manage that... As for moving our stuff we want and NEED to keep, my cousin's boyfriend has his own truck company and will move our belongings.
So I'm gonna stay at my aunt's and uncle's place for probably a year or two, until I have found a college to go to and have enough money to live on my own. My aunt has Wi-Fi but no PC, so I hope I can setup my old PC there, but even if I manage that I doubt it will be able to access Internet or be able to use Word Document which I always use for posting and writing...

Overall, I'll be moving, because we're totally broke and see no way out. Gotta leave my job, driver's education and all my friends behind and start over fresh. We might lose our dog, I might probably not be able to post anymore...

So I guess this will be a very long EfA maybe or maybe a temporarily goodbye. In case things go extremely wrong I'll ask to be moved to a pack friend temporarily, until I'm settled and have Wi-Fi and internet and everything. But until then a long EfA.
A moving is a big happening, stressful indeed, especially in my case. So I'm not sure if I'll post or login in a long time or not... Please do not delete my accounts, even not if I've been gone after 5 to 6 months; I promise I'll get back as a full member in the future.

I'll keep this topic updated in case I know more.

I love you all <3

XXX Yoru/Lhouraii/Mordor

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Re: Looong EfA, stuff...

Post by Guest on Sun May 10, 2015 10:17 pm

QAQ I will miss you dearly. Take it steadily and don't over stress. I will wait for your return!

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Re: Looong EfA, stuff...

Post by Evonne on Mon May 11, 2015 9:09 am

Oh hunny *hugs* I'm so sorry this happened to you D': Take all the time you need, I hope everything works out well for you. We'll all miss you, but hopefully one day you'll return

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Re: Looong EfA, stuff...

Post by Náhani on Mon May 11, 2015 9:35 am

Wow...this is truly saddening. I'm sorry for the loss of your house - it's tough to live these days and I hope that you and your family recover in a place together as whole once again.  Glad to know that you'll be at a relatives for a year or longer to help rejuvenate, even if it means leaving behind your memories. But of course we don't mind how long you are away, real life is more important anyways.

Get well dear Yoru <333 We'll be here (or on WolfQuest) for your best return. :3 We will miss you lots!

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Re: Looong EfA, stuff...

Post by Yoru on Tue May 12, 2015 8:24 am

Omg thanks, you're all so lovely~ <3

A little update again on how things are going now.

My parents are packing the stuff we need the most, and I’ve been cleaning my room and put the things I want but not yet need desperately in boxes.
At first my mom and I had to get out of the house within two days due to my dad not being able to pay the house’s rent so he was afraid that during the weekend the creditors would come to get our stuff and kick us out of our house. However, he managed to get some money from somewhere (dunno where anymore he got that money from, don’t even wanna know…), buying us some more time.
Now my mom and I are less chaotic with packing and stuff, so we can think more straight. He has bought us like… one 1,5 week more to take care of everything. A secondhand dealer will come next Wednesday to take away all the stuff we don’t need, and pay for them, so we have at least a bit more money to buy us some food (since our fridge is almost empty now…). This Thursday my cousin’s boyfriend will come to pick up most of our stuff. We will probably have to drive trice from our house to my family’s, which means spending 12 hours in the car…
We will also take our dog with us on Thursday, my mom and I, to see if our og and their dogs can get along, since one of their dogs is a bit dominant and has bitten their other dog before over food. So yeah, very tensed. We will see how that goes. If it goes wrong, then it’s bye-bye to our dog I guess…

But as for now my dad has bought us some more time with that money, paying our rent. My room is almost empty now, and that’s actually a satisfying feeling. I still had some arguments with my parents and due to my dad’s stupidity my mom started smoking again after 5 to 6 years but overall we’re fine…
I heard I will get my uncle’s old office as my temporary new room, and he will give me his old desk for my PC. We will take my TV with us, but it will become our shared TV, since there will be no place for my parents’ TV, the one in the living room.
So instead of within two days my mom and I will move within a week or so. We still have a bit more time. Hopefully everything will go well, but I will need to see that for myself before I can be sure.
This is all I can tell you guys for now. I will try to keep you updated when I have the chance. My family’s place has Wi-Fi so even when my PC isn’t set up yet, I will still be able to be on my phone to leave updates. However, posting might take a very long time… not sure when I will do that again.

Bye for now, bbs. <3

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Re: Looong EfA, stuff...

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