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Rules (RP&CB)

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Rules (RP&CB)

Post by Eric on Sat Aug 23, 2014 4:12 am


Looks of Your Character
I do allow to an extent of unusual colors. When I mean "unusual", I do mean, the eye color can differ from singular to hetero, same as coat patterns and anything beyond that. What I don't hope to see is horns, wings, mood changing eyes, metal accessories on claws/fangs, more than one tail, etc. That's what is not allowed and I wish to keep it that way.

Wolf Facts
As listed above, wolves do not have any special markings, but I am allowing unusual markings, just keep it moderate and not too out of control. As for the breeds of wolf, keep in mind that, the maned wolf is not apart of the wolf family. If you request with a maned wolf, your request will be declined. As only wolf breeds, endangered and well commonly found are accepted. Dire wolves will not be accepted. If you apply as one, your application will be declined.

No Mary/Gary Sues
I despise seeing such characteristics played out by people who intend to be "better" than anyone else around them. If you intentionally provide information that makes your character stand out, then you are on the wrong site at the wrong time. Having to be more beautiful, fluent in language, powerful, flexible and so on, showing off is also banned from providing more supportiveness for your wolf. No one is better than anyone else, every wolf should have  a weakness chained to it. If you attempt to bypass this rule and provide information in your request or biography, you will be mentioned to edit your post.

During Role-play
While you start to jump into the Rp, despite if it's an event or not, I do expect to see every user following the same procedure, as the rukles do apply for everyone to follow! At least 150 per post. Paragraphs are limited to an extent where 4 is minimum. Also, to talk OOC, please be responsible to use parenthesis or the brackets above or below your post, doing this will be less confusing for everyone. Stay on topic of what is going on, play as your character only and remember how your character's personality is.

Respect is The Key
Despite if you have been apart of this pack for a very long time, or you are a newt, you still cannot disrespect anyone according to their behavior or role. If you seek unfair advantages of someone's role and try to provoke them because they have a higher privilege is not tolerable.  Everyone is respected equally, despite if you are a veteran or not.

Appreciative Manners
Expecting members to be positive and fun-loving. I do wish that at least, every member to say "please" or even a "thank you", since it goes a long way.

Realistic Behavior
Wolves in the wild. What do they do? What do they eat? How do they perform their movements? It's all based down with realistic behavior and body language. Running, jumping, hunting and much more. Wolves can perform many tactics but some things they cannot do, or have ever been watched to do in the wild.
DO NOT USE: power-play: Bora Bora modes; invincibility, flying/soaring, instant growth of body, teeth, claws, etc. Wolves have dull claws, they are not sharp to tear or scrap to kill. Teeth are not pointy like a needle or dagger, nor are they metal or with a steel tooth. They cannot tear easily or do one kill bites. They cannot out-run for a prolong time, no sort of mood-changing eyes are not acceptable!

Any post you make upon the site must have at least three words. Any posts you make in role-play areas must contain at least 150 words.

Multiple posts or SPAM is not allowed. You must refrain from posting once warned by a moderator.

Do not advertise your own site or another site on the chatbox.

If fights/arguments arise among the chatbox, they must be immediately taken into PM. If ignored and users refuse to refrain they will be kicked until further notice!

The chatbox is for chatting with other users. It's not a spotlight for you to be the center of attention, sharing stories is a plus. However, you cannot drown yourself with pityness and try to collect sympathy at any time as it is prohibited.

No controversial/Inappropriate topics allowed on the chatbox.
(religions, suicide, sexual topics, etc}

Whining and complaining on the chatbox is not tolerated.

Be respectful on the chatbox, including staff members.

During RP

1. Keep it at a PG13-rated level! Nothing graphic or gory. I am allowing swearing, like there´s no limit but try to keep it a bit appropiate and don´t use it in ever single post of yours, please. 
2. Absolutely no power-playing! Don´t control other players and keep in mind that everyone is vulnerable! You´re not invincible!
3. Human encounters will not happen unless the Alpha brings them up (during an event, etc)!
4. Every post should consist of at least 150 words!
5. No chatspeak in RP!
6. Do not kill other characters, except the owner of the character wishes so.
7. Post your application before signing up the site! I will not activate accounts of people who did not apply on the Join Us thread nor on the WQ thread!
Secret Word: Deal with it.

Rules provided from: http://garden-of-wolves-reb.forumotion.com/t3-general-rules-what-to-follow ©


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