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Season: Autumn
Time: 5 PM [17:00]
Weather: Humid and misty. Occasionally sun.
Temperature: 15°C [59 °F]
Mating Season: No
Birthing Season: No

Vivus Ferus

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Vivus Ferus

Post by Eric on Mon Oct 06, 2014 10:42 am

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A large forest outside the territory. This is where the tree line begins and goes on, until it reaches a gloomy looking swam deeper inside. The ground is covered in green grass and the trees are alive and healthy. There are a few hills and the vegetation thick that almost no sunlight can reach the ground. Yet this place looks much nicer than the swamp it hides deep inside its heart, or the open field surrounding this forest.

Predators: Bears
Prey: Deer, mice, birds, small mammals

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